Eco friendly organic cleaning carpet solution.


Here is a little more detail of what we do, remember we use eco friendly natural cleaning agents. Please feel free to ring  and discuss your requirements and the possible costs involved.

Eco friendly solutions, perfume fee non allergenic

Carpet Cleaning

Upholstery  Cleaning

Leather Cleaning and Restoration 

On arrival we inspect for spots and stains and appropriate treatments are applied. We will move and replace furniture that is easiiy moved by one person but ask that ornaments and small furniture be removed if possible. We then clean the carpet, replacing furniture on foil pads where required to prevent marks while drying.

We can also when suitable apply stainguard or we can apply products to treat moths or fleas.. 

It is best to not walk on carpets immediately after cleaning, if done please ensure you wear clean indoor footwear. 

Commercial / Rental

We will arrange with agents to gain access to rental properties if vacant. Written invoices available.  We carry anti flea treatments if these are required by the letting agent. Being truck mounted we carry power and water in the vehicle, an important factor during the winter. 

We have the equipment to handle the largest commercial work from several hundred office chairs to even cleaning a theatre!

After inspecting for stains and suitability for cleaning the areas that come into contact with your skin are treated with a pre spray and gently with a tampico upholstery brush or microfibre glove worked into the fabric to loosen soiling. The upholstery is then extraction cleaned, being damp when finished we advise that for 24 hours the furniture is not used.

As a final process we can apply an anti stain and soiling treatment, ask for details.

We clean leather furniture, car seats,  designer handbags with specialist products for different leathers including Pigmented, Aniline and Nubuck.

We can protect and seal once cleaned to protect against spills and dye transfer from clothing.

Our qualified leather technician can re colour faded areas, repair scuffs, scratches small holes and cuts. We can also re stuff cushions and backs where they have gone flat over time. we have an  electronic scanner for helping obtain more unusual colours and are able to mix these on site

A inspection visit is required prior to quotation and booking leather services


It often costs less than customers first imagine for our service. Please contact us for an estimate and possibly a free on site inspection. With so many different materials used in furnishing and the respective time and solutions needed to get a good result it is not possible to publish a simplified price list.